‘De terre et de ciel’ – Biënnale d’Enghien, Enghien

De Terre et de ziel – Biënnale d’Enghien 2020

For the Enghien Biennale, I chose the chapel and French garden as the location to create a new work for. In the formal garden, I presented a large photograph on a table. The image represents an uncontrolled, unkempt forest scene. The image is divided into 2 halves that are at an angle to each other. The image is printed on a brushed aluminum so that the colors of the environment reflect in the image and the position from which you look as a spectator thus colors the image. In the chapel I showed three “Maaskeien” on neo classicist pedestals of which the part above my eye level has been sawn away. The sawn surface was polished. Through this simple action the boulders become sculptures, form a horizon and refer to the landscape.