The oeuvre of Stijn Cole has been accumulating since 2002. The relation between the object and its surroundings is central. Light, not the medium, is crucial here, since the way we experience colour and form is to a great extent determined by the intensity of the light they are subjected to. Cole is constantly bringing this knowledge into play when creating his installations and other works. He always reduces his images to their purest essence. His choice of media is eclectic: there’s video as well as sculpture, painting and mixed media, photography and graphics and besides abstract work, he also creates figurative art. And yet his oeuvre demonstrates great coherence. In Cole’s universe, themes like time and landscape painting are endowed with a renewed beauty that translates into a contemporary version of impressionism. Each new series of Cole’s works is connected with a specific period, walk or journey, which gives it an almost documentary quality. Cole describes his contribution as modest, just a filter he puts on reality. But with the utmost precision and subtlety, he challenges the viewer to take on an active role. In this manipulative game, he entices the viewer to engage in experience of intensity, space and shape that will time and time again prove to be surprising.


April, 2023 'Art Paris' - Irène Laub Gallery, Paris February, 2023 'Gardening the Forest - Stijn Cole & Elise Peroi' - Irène Laub Gallery, Brussels December, 2022 'Art Antwerp' - Irène Laub Gallery, Antwerp September, 2022 'Horizontes' - Hilario Galguera Gallery, Mexico City August, 2022 'Horizontes (una selección de primavera)' - Heart Ego Gallery, Monterrey Mexico January, 2022 'SOUVENIRS' - Irène Laub Gallery, Brussels August, 2021 'Le Weekend' - Stijn Cole/ Gert Verhoeven, Salon Blanc, Oostende Curated by Els Wuyts March, 2021 'Mémoires' - Stijn Cole / Yves Velter, Kasteelstraat 1, Watou October, 2020 'Variations sur les mêmes thèmes' - Gallery Wenger, Zürich August, 2020 'GREY BLUE BROWN' - White Gallery, Ostend May, 2020 'Intersecties' Stijn Cole - Greet Van Autgaerden - Whitehouse Gallery, Lovenjoel September, 2020 'SSTT' - Stijn Cole / Stief De Smet, D'apostrof, Meigem February, 2020 'Finistère / Fisterra' - Haus der Kunst, Solöthurn Curated by Reto Emsch February, 2020 'Variations sur les mêmes thèmes' Stijn Cole / Marthe Wery - BPS22, Charleroi Curated by Pierre-Olivier Rollin January, 2019 'Shore' - (re)D gallery, Antwerp December, 2017 Casa Wabi residence - Casa Wabi, Oaxaca September, 2017 'Entre terre et mer' - (re)D gallery, Antwerp September, 2017 '1:1 / Marine' - C-Mine, Genk Curated by Kristof Reulens April, 2017 '1:1' - Château de Chimay, Chimay November, 2016 '60 journées d'été' - Roger Raveelmuseum, Machelen Curated by Piet Coessens August, 2016 'New dialogues' - Anna Wenger Gallery, Zürich May, 2016 'Chimay Cancale' - Galerie Hendrik Van De Weghe, Antwerp June, 2016 'Halfway' Stijn Cole / Laura Viale - Italian Institute, Brussels June, 2016 'Lumiere Matiere' Stijn Cole / Laura Viale - Arba Esa, Brussels October, 2015 'Octobre' - René Blouin Gallery, Montréal December, 2013 'Images & Colors' - Galerie Hendrik Van De Weghe, Antwerp September, 2012 '30°' - Geukens & De Vil Gallery, Knokke April, 2012 'Von Hier Bis Hier' - Kunstverein Schwerte, Schwerte March, 2011 'Docu' - Geukens & De Vil Gallery, Antwerp June, 2010 'Sunset / Sunset' Artist in residence - MSK, Ghent Curated by Robert Hoozee April, 2010 'Provincial prize' Stijn Cole / Hannes Vanseveren - Caermersklooster, Ghent September, 2009 '2 large Windows' - Preview art fair, Tempelhof, with Geukens & De Vil Gallery, Berlin May, 2009 'Found Footage' - Geukens & De Vil Gallery, Antwerp November, 2008 'Stijn Cole @ Witte zaal Extra' - Witte Zaal, Ghent Curated by Rolf Quaghebuer November, 2008 'Stijn Cole' - Scharpoord, Knokke Heist March, 2007 'Stijn Cole / Koert Declercq' - Galerie Kunst-Zicht, Gent September, 2006 'Willy De Sauter / Stijn Cole' - Grusenmeyer Gallery, Deurle June, 2006 'Stijn Cole / Vitrineproject' - De Garage, Mechelen Curated by Koen Leemans May, 2006 'Ohne Titel' - Kunstverein Ahlen, Ahlen Curated by Philippe Van Cauteren April, 2006 'Picture This!' - MDD, Deurle Curated by Joost Declercq & Tanguy Eeckhout May, 2005 'Re-animating the city part 2' - Kalandenberg, Ghent Curated by Guy Bovyn


February, 2024 Layers of expression - Galerie Roger Katwijk - Amsterdam September, 2023 Analyse van een verschijning (het landschap) - Emergent - Veurne September, 2023 Chaque nuit j'entre dans le creux des troncs et j'écoute - Galerie C - Neuchâtel, Swiss August, 2023 Alt+1000, Photo Festival - Neuchâtel, Swiss July, 2023 Amare - Sculpture festival - Damme / Brugge May, 2023 Ballroom Project - Borgerhub, Irène Laub Gallery January, 2023 Drawing Now, Artist in Focus - Temple du Carreau, Irène Laub Gallery, Paris November, 2022 'Avalancha' - Galeria Hilario Galguera Madrid, Madrid November, 2022 'Emergent Invites' - Emergent, Veurne September, 2022 Art Beats - Belfius Art Collection, Brussels May, 2022 Ballroom Project - Borgerhub, Borgerhout with Irène Laub Gallery Curated by Ilse Roosen May, 2022 'Stormloop 2022' - various locations, Herentals Curated by Tom Liekens April, 2022 'Art Brussels' - Tour & Taxis, Brussels With Irène Laub Gallery February, 2022 Zona Maco - Galeria Hilario Galguera, Mexico December, 2021 'Vivarium' - JO_HS, Mexico City Curated by Elizabeth Johs November, 2021 'Time and Tide' - Ter Posterie, Roeselaere Curated by Louis-Philippe Van Eeckhoutte October, 2021 'Een boom is meer dan er staat' - Egelantier, Otegem Curated by Ann Desmet July, 2021 'Endgame' - Corsini Sculpture park, Ostia (Italy) May, 2021 'The Ballroomproject' - Irène Laub Gallery, Antwerp March, 2021 'Leaf @ Villa Empain' - Irène Laub Gallery, Brussels January, 2021 'The intimate consciousness of time' - Irène Laub Gallery, Brussels October, 2020 'La colère de Lud' - BPS22, Charleroi Curated by Dorothée Duvivier September, 2020 'entre terre et ciel' Biënnale d'Engien' - Engien Curated by Myriam Louyest & Christophe Veyt June, 2020 'Tout les lignes droites sont courbes' - Villa Carpentier, Ronse Curated by Yolande Debontridder May, 2020 'ARE(N)A' - Kusseneers Gallery, Brussels Curated by Nils Verkaeren March, 2020 'Post Tene Bras Spero Lucem' - Hilario Galguera Gallery, Mexico City Curated by Georgina Pounds & Hilario Galguera June, 2020 'Beyond Van Eyck' - GUM, Ghent Curated by Patrick Seurinck October, 2019 'Landscape 2.0' Stijn Cole / Stefan Peters / Meggy Rustamova, Buda, Kortrijk June, 2019 'l'heure bleue' - Galerie de Mijlpaal, Knokke January, 2019 'GENESIS' - LAC Narbonne, Narbonne Curated by Christa Vyvey January, 2019 'The gulf between' - De Warande, Turnhout Curated by Glenn Geerick November, 2018 'De zindering van de zee' - Mesdag Collectie, The Hague Curated by Joanna De Vos November, 2018 'Hermetisch zwart' - Galerie De Mijlpaal, Heusden Zolder October, 2018 '11-tal' - Kapel van Maeghdendaele, Brugge Curated by Gino Debruyne October, 2018 'Vloed' - Ten Bogaerde, Koksijde Curated by Els Wuyts July, 2018 'Biënnale van de schilderkunst' - MDD / Raveelmuseum / Museum Deinze en de Leiestreek, Machelen April, 2018 'Inspired, women in the Belfius collection' - Belfius lounge @ Art Brussels, Brussels Curated by Bénédicte Bouton April, 2018 'Art Brussels' - (re)D Gallery, Brussels March, 2018 'Viriditas' - Galerie De Mijlpaal, Heusden Zolder February, 2018 'Works on Paper' - (re)D Gallery, Antwerp February, 2018 '100 year NICC' - NICC, Antwerp Curated by Guillaume Bijl July, 2017 'Celibataire diva's' - various locations in Hasselt, Hasselt Curated by Lut Maris April, 2017 'El Camino - The way between two points' - Kadoc, Leuven Curated by Christa Vyvey January, 2017 'The tree of life' - Galerie De mijlpaal, Heusden Zolder July, 2016 'Colors of the sky' - Galerie De Mijlpaal, Knokke July, 2016 'Etage 22' - Antwerp Tower, Antwerp Curated by Nils Verkaeren June, 2016 'Grote prijs Ernest Albert' - De Garage, Mechelen July, 2016 'El Camino - The way between two points' - LAC Narbonne, Narbonne Curated by Christa Vyvey March, 2016 'Drawing Now art fair' - Anna Wenger Gallery, Paris March, 2016 'YIA art fair' , Hendrik Van De Weghe Gallery, Brussels March, 2016 'Drawing Front' - Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, Diepenheim April, 2015 'Art Brussels' - Hendrik Van De Weghe Gallery, Brussels March, 2015 'Aandacht, Aandacht' - De Warande, Turnhout March, 2015 'Drawing Now' - Hendrik Van De Weghe Gallery, Paris February, 2015 'A Belgian politician' - Marion De Cannière Gallery, Antwerp October, 2014 'Splash!' - Amarant, Antwerp Curated by Stef Van Bellingen July, 2014 'Capita selecta' - Broelmuseum, Kortrijk Curated by Monia Warnez December, 2013 'The Prélude pathetique' - University Library, Leuven Curated by Wim Lambrecht October, 2013 'In Between' - Gaasbeek, Brussels Curated by Joris Caepenberghs May, 2013 'Museum to scale' - Bozar, BRAFA,... Curated by Ronny Vandevelde November, 2013 'Festival van de politiek' - Flemish Parlement, Brussels May, 2013 'Stijn Cole / Stefan Peters / Bert Jacobs' - C-Mine, Genk Curated by Eddie Guldolf May, 2013 'Onder de loep' - Emile Van Doren museum, Genk Curated by Kristof Reulens September, 2012 'Façades' - Be-Part, Waregem Curated by Patrick Ronse / Pieter Vermeulen September, 2011 'Character makes stories' - NICC, Antwerp Curated by Sofie Dederen & Mieke Mels September, 2011 'ZT' - Flanders house, New York December, 2011 'Tender Buttons' - Kunst-Zicht, Ghent Curated by Guy Bovyn May, 2011 'De Saedeleer Revisited' - City Museum, Aalst Curated by Jan Denys July, 2009 'Summer show' - Geukens & De Vil Galerie, Knokke November, 2009 'World Wide Wonders' - Kunst-Zicht, Ghent Curated by Guy Bovyn & Maarten Vanden Eynde June, 2009 'Hot art fair' - Geukens & De Vil Gallery, Basel April, 2009 'Art Brussels' -Geukens & De Vil Gallery, Brussels August, 2007 'Kunst & Zwalm', Zwalm Curated by Netwerk Aalst June, 2007 'Sur la Route / een tour van kunstenaars' - SMAK, Ghent Curated by Frank Maes March, 2007 'Het deel' ACEC hal 24, Ghent Curated by Robin Vermeersch February, 2006 'Trends' - Sint Barbaracollege, Ghent September, 2005 'Versus III' - empty building, Oudenaarde Curated by Tanguy Eeckhout September, 2005 'Artificial Landscape' - private garden, Aalter Curated by Angelique Campens March, 2005 'Entertain Us' Salons voor schone kunsten, Sint Niklaas Curated by Tanguy Eeckhout May, 2004 'Rush' - Kapel van Maegdendaele, Oudenaarde Curated by Angelique Campens September, 2003 'Stijn Cole / Hannes Van Severen / Fien Muller' - CC Strombeek Curated by Luk Lambrecht January, 2003 'Young Artists' - Witte Zaal, Ghent Curated by Luk Lambrecht July, 2002 'Coming People' - SMAK, Ghent Curated by Hans Martens