EL CAMINO – LAC Narbonne

EL CAMINO – LAC Narbonne

Finistère / Fisterra

For the exhibition El Camino (LAC Narbonne) I made a road trip to Santiago together with my daughter, who was 10 at the time. The first destination of our journey was Finistère in Brittany, the most western point of France. From the cliffs I took a picture of the sunset in three directions, a few days later I did the same in Fisterra in Spain, another “end of the world”.  The two actions resulted in 2 painted altarpieces.

A second work existed in 12 colors capes that referred to 12 stops on our trip. I’ve showed them in a rhythm that was based on the distance between every stop. Each cm of space between the works was 1km of distance.

with: Renato Nicolodi, Ronny Delrue, Jonas Vansteenkiste, Cel Crabeels, Christine Clincx & Stijn Cole

Curated By Christa Vyvey